An Experiment in Manifestation

As you all know, I have studied hypnosis, meditation, NLP, brain gadgets extra. I have also created my own recordings with binaural beats, isochronic, alpha waves, beta waves, theta waves and gamma waves. These things fascinate me.

I take a lot of courses and lately, after studying quantum physics, I wondered if you could harness the power of the mind to alter reality. My focus in this experiment was on manifesting abundance.

The Testing Phase

I bought 5 different courses to see if any that claimed that they could help you manifest were actually more than cleverly worded sales copy.

I ended up returning 4 of them. Pure junk. Not well put together, at all. They just had snazzy sales pages.

Then Finally One That Actually Worked

The name of the course that actually worked for me is called Manifestation Magic. When I first saw it, I thought, “Oh no.” It had a similar sales layout and wording to the other four courses that I returned. 

I decided to try it anyway. 

The claim: Anyone can manifest money within 24 hours of listening to his audios.

“Yeah, right,” I thought. I was so disheartened by my other experiences that I only bought the basic course, not the upsell.

So What Happened?

  • I went through the quick start guide and wrote down what I wanted to happen. – I wanted to manifest money from an unexpected source within 24 hours.
  • I then put on the night time audio and went to sleep.
  • I was awoken two hours later by the ping of my phone.
  • I had made a sale completely out of the blue, on a product that I had not promoted in months. Gain: About $33

Just a fluke I thought. I went back to bed. The next day I listened to the day time version, while I worked on my computer and the night time one that night. I did this every day for 7 days.

End Results: By the end of the week I had manifested over $1000 out of the blue, in totally unexpected ways.

In addition to this, my intuition has gotten even better. Life is flowing. It is like I am being guided to be in the right place at the right time.

Manifestation Miracle has done exactly what it claimed. I like it so much that I actually contacted the creator of this product and asked him to send me the buy button for his upsell. I went ahead and bought it and am using it now.

If you are searching for a Manifestation Course that walks the talk this is it: Click here to get your copy now

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