I will admit it. I love software, especially software that automates or improves the tasks that I have to do to run my business. 

  • I have software to create and edit ebooks
  • I have software to create amazing graphics in all sizes and shapes
  • I have other automation tools to create million page blog networks, perfectly optimized in minutes
  • I have audio software and video software
  • And social media software for every type of social property imagineable
  • the list goes on and on…

The Problem

All of this has cost me a lot of money. We are talking thousands of dollars. Some of it was bought at one time fees but the majority are re-billed month after month. Oh and if you want it on more than one computer, that is often extra.

The plan is to make money not throw it out the window month after month.

The Solution

Because I have bought so many automation tools, I have gotten to know a lot of the software developers. I am even in many of their beta groups. 

Two of my favorite developers ( Paul Ponna and Todd Gross) came up with a solution this month.  They have created a huge software bundle and for early adopters you get it at a one off price. No more monthly fees!

So What is Included?

Software included:

  • Video Creation – SOLVED!
  • Website Building – SOLVED!
  • Graphic Creation – SOLVED!
  • Mailing/Autoresponder – SOLVED!
  • SEO/Ranking – SOLVED!
  • Local Marketing – SOLVED!
  • Lead Generation – SOLVED!

These are all included in the software bundle that they have created. You can literally run a successful business using just what is in this bundle.

So instead of paying other companies month after month, you can get all of these programs included during their launch.

Here is the link: https://jvz4.com/c/189809/318747

If I did not already have most of their programs I would be on this in a second. It would certainly have saved me a ton of money.  These guys come up with practical software that just plain works. Even better, they have excellent customer service and they keep their software updated!

If you are starting a business or if you are looking for ways to automate your business, this will give you 98 percent of what you need.

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