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My Path to Finding the Best Ebook Creation Software

As an author, I have used various ebook softwares over the years and frankly they were ok but not great. They got the job done but

  • They often looked ok on my end but then when the file was created it had errors
  • Adding images where I wanted them too extra time
  • Formatting took forever
  • They would only output into one format PDF which Kindle discourages

How Sqribble Ebook Software Saved Me After a Bumpy Start

Very recently, I was introduced to Sqribble ebook creation software.

At first, I thought,” Well, they have a great sales letter but do they deliver the goods?”

When I first got the software, I was impressed with the templates but there were some glitches. For example, if you had too much text, it would not just go on to the next page and the drag and drop function was not perfect.


  • The owner of the company popped on a call with everyone who bought the software and asked us to contact customer service with not only what we wanted fixed but what additional features we wanted.
  • Within days the glitches were fixed.
  • Within just a few short weeks all of the additional features that we wanted were added.
  • The software works smoothly now.
  • The templates are beautiful.
  • The drag and drop is easy to use.
  • You can copy and paste directly into the templates
  • You can import word docs into the templates
  • It converts your finished product into PDF, .MOBi, . EPUB and KINDLE!!!
  • If you get the upsell, you can also create your ebook covers right in the software and even create flip books.

So How Easy Is It To Use?

I am cranking out books every week now and they look beautiful. Now that they have added the file conversion feature, these ebooks can be uploaded to Kindle immediately! I am truly impressed with this software and the company behind it.

Check out this ebooks software for yourself

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