Anyone who is in business online knows that targeted traffic is the life blood of any business. But how to get it? 

Sure you can:

  •  write blog articles,
  • pay for PPC traffic,
  • post tons of times a day to every social media platform imaginable,
  • write
  • send press releases
  • etc..

But that takes a ton of time and money. Even worse it takes a ton of content that you either have to create or hire others to create. It is ALOT of work.

On the Hunt for Traffic, Domination and Automation

As you know, I love automation. If there is a way to automate tasks in my business that I find tedious then I do it. So I started buying and testing every software program that seemed promising. 

I had three criteria:

  • It had to be easy
  • It had to be automated
  • It had to work

Most of the software programs failed to live up to this criteria. And then I struck gold.

The program that finally did what I needed is the Organic Traffic Platform by Cliff Carrigan

So what does the Organic Traffic Platform Do and Why Is it My All Time Favorite Software Program?

The Organic Traffic Platform:

  • Delivers 100 percent human traffic to your website. 
  • The traffic is completely organic ( this means it comes from the search engines)
  • No proxies needed.
  • You do not have to write one single word of content (I LOVE THIS)
  • You do not need to create a ton of backlinks.
  • You can create websites with up to one million pages of fully optimized content in minutes!
  • It works in any niche.
  • You can use it with regular sites or affiliate sites. It does not matter.

So How Well Does It Work?

Organic Traffic Platform Software

I have been able to, so far, get about 3000 visitors per day to my sites – on complete autopilot. I know others who have gotten even more.

I have actually made sales with it.

Is There Any Downside?

  • Sometimes you have to open the software, close and reopen it to get it to work. That said, once you do this it works perfectly.
  • The conversion rate is on the lower side. You need to test offers to see which ones work the best for it.  I would use a tracking software to monitor which offers convert the best. The bright side though is that it takes about ten minutes to set up a site. You can create unlimited sites, each with up to a million pages, and just by sheer numbers you will get opt ins and eventually, again if you test offers, sales.

What Is the Other Reason Why I Love This Software?

I absolutely adore Cliff Carrigan. He is the one who created this Organic Traffic Platform software. He is the real deal and actually cares about your success. 

His team are all there to make sure that you succeed.

He doesn’t try to gouge you on the price. He really should be charging thousands of dollars for what this baby can do.

I went to his conference and again the price that he charged was ridiculously low and he did not try to upsell you to anything! He was actually doing it just to make sure that all of your questions were answered. I was absolutely floored.

He also spent at least 20 minutes speaking to every one that showed up for the conference and not just chitchat. He wanted to know what your goals were and talked to you about exactly what to do with the software to achieve them.

How Often Do I Use This Software

Every single day. It is so easy to use that I add a domain and some keywords, hit  the button and go get a cup of coffee. Ten minutes later, it is done building out the site and all I have to do is upload the files and use the supplementary software that is included and get it indexed.

Later in the day, I do as many additional domains as I like, while I watch tv. There is really no thinking involved in this. You just get the domain and hosting, use the software that comes with this to get your keywords, enter everything into the software and hit run. That is it!

If you want automatic organic traffic then you need the Organic Traffic Platform Software period.

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