Everyone wants traffic to their websites or affiliate links. Most people tell you that there is a whole process to get there. You need to buy it or learn complicated seo strategies or … blah, blah, blah…

I used to think so too until I found a secret back door that can get really high quality traffic from Google for less than $10 and no I am not talking about Youtube ads. 

My Secret Organic Traffic Strategy

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My Secret Affordable Online Traffic Source

Vidspy Alpha finds expired domain names for you that already have backlinks and traffic from Youtube, you know that company owned by Google:)

There are channels that have broken links in their video descriptions and even as the main channel url. These videos still get views and people still click on those links.

All you have to do is buy those domains and either build out a site OR if you are an affiliate marketer you could just redirect the link to your affiliate link. That is it.

I have personally found domains with videos that have had over 1 million views! 

Think about that. You buy the domain for about $10 and get all of that amazing traffic going to that link for as long as you own the domain or the owner of the channel swaps it out.

Now if the previous owner of the domain has let the domain go, in many cases they have lost interest in the channel too or they won’t have a thought or the energy to go through each video they have and change the urls.

So How Do You Find These Domains?

Vidspy Alpha Software finds them for you. 

  • You simply input the keywords into the software
  • Choose the minimum number of views the videos have received
  • Choose from the domains that it finds
  • Click on the channel spy link
  • See how many videos are in that channel

At that point, I do my due diligence. I go into each video that it finds on the channel and see how many of the videos have that link and how many total views they have received.

I then buy the domains that have the most videos and views and either build out a site or do a simple redirect to my affiliate link in that niche.

Make sure that whatever you are directing that traffic to is in the same niche.

What Type of Sites or Offers Can You Promote with This Strategy?

Just about any thing you can think of. I choose niches with buyer intent. For example, if you find a good domain in the gymnastics niche, you could redirect that traffic to an affiliate program offering gym equipment, or trampolines or training program.

If you find a great diet domain with a lot of views, you can easily create a diet site or simply redirect it to any of a hundred diet programs that pay commissions.

Do you see the possibilities?

I personally use 
Vidspy Alpha Software

Check it out for  yourself!

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