Are you curious about how to make real money on YouTube?

I break down three different ways to earn a thousand dollars plus.

I recently did an online YouTube masterclass breaking down five different strategies for building your audience and your income on YouTube this year and I wanted to share one of those strategies with you which is all about cash flow.  How to build your income and specifically how to earn $1000 plus on YouTube in three different ways and all of detailed information.

Increasing Cash Flow: cash flow this is the strategy  because we need cash flow to help us develop specially “if youre having” special political missions you got a ardour; you want to make a difference “youre trying to” make an impact-  well if you can’t can’t money and have a positive flash flow, it makes it very difficult to achieve those dreams.

Creating a positive cash flow gives you more time to do what you love and to work on your dream. So let’s talk about practically three ways to earn a thousand dollars with YouTube.


  1. YouTube ads – the average is for every 1000 views you get if ads are turned on you’re going to get$ 2. That’s called a CPM – now that can go up that can go down depending on the channel, depending on the niche, depending on a lot of factors so let’s say our goal here  is to earn a thousand dollars and so you would need half a million views to get a thousand dollars based at that CPM so as you look at this you might be thinking shoot I guess that’s a ways off I mean even for established youtubers YouTube ads it is a tough style to generate like real substantial income especially to try to support your family or anything like that. So this video, for example, is approaching five hundred thousand views and as “youre seeing” the estimated earnings are only seven hundred and seven dollars. That’s cool but it’s tough to get that many views .YouTube ads are my least favorite style to earn money on YouTube I kind of try to even discount them because they’re it’s like pennies right for your efforts it’s not the most wonderful style but there’s good news there is better ways to build your income on YouTube.
  2. The second way is actually my favorite space called affiliate marketing this is how I built a full period audience or a full time income off not even having a very large audience under 30,000 customers which is still you know big but sometimes we are under the fallacy like oh we need a hundred thousand or a million we need like a bazillion readers you know and all the stuff it’s not true there’s ways to do it affiliate marketing is how we do it and I’ll demonstrate you how it runs I like am and Amazon Associates you can go there you merely sign up for an affiliate program and then what you end up getting is you can create custom-made relates that you put in your youtube description that link to the products you’re talking about in that video so if you did a video on a yoga canal yoga except that’s yoga accessories you could link to all those accessories in the YouTube description. Then what happens is if a guest clicks on that link and makes a acquisition you make money let me present you how this works on my Sean sofa and this channel honestly gets reasonably forgotten I don’t it’s not a main thing my primary channel see media TV that’s what I construct a full time income. We do video influencers as a side project. So I use this channel but one reason I love it is because I use it for experiments so I use it to test things like I’m teaching you right now to see if this stuff can work right these kind of ninja tactics or whatever and so affiliate marketing here’s an example from like a month ago right during the holiday season this past time and this past year these LED projector brightness came out maybe you notice these they’re kind of weird various kinds of a love-hate thing a lot of people detest them but whatever so and they what they were you only put them in your garden and it simply glitters these little lot dots of light on your house but that’s not the point so I do a simple product critique video I’m just sitting on my table talking about these LED projector illuminations and then I share the links to the products that I talked about.
  3. Let’s get to the third space the third route the third direction is establishing videos for corporations and labels in exchange for free product and/ or money called label bargains. So let me give you an example from Kimber Leia who’s one of my both students and she says that I just picked up for confidentiality we’ll just say you know I was just picked up by a brand to be their spokesperson and label diplomat they’re going to aspect me on their social media platforms telling me to get-up-and-go watch my videos for the newest tendencies I’ll likewise be at their kiosk at VidCon for a meet-and-greet and of course I’m also getting paid for all this they’ll even double my affiliate Commission’s so powerful right that’s what a label bargain could do and right they’re going to double its stacking now her affiliate Commission’s as she recommends that product here’s another example Heather so she has a home academy and mom hood channel and in merely eight months she’s grown by over twenty five hundred customers 85,000 canals sentiments so having good traction but still in the extremely very beginning stages she’s only posted 15 videos you know how we talked about like is this going to take too much occasion and she’s the spouse she’s a mother she’s a homeschool mommy she’s doing home school everyday you know we’re working together so this is a very very very side project for her that she only dedicates a few hours a week and not even every week and she’s been constructing monthly income from YouTube ads and affiliate income as we talked about but recently she simply landed an eleven hundred dollars of free product from a label bargain now its curriculum so it’s tough that their family would have bought anyways that was fund if not you are familiar with not just something cool something necessary that they would have invested that fund so that they save that fund and thirty six hundred dollars to do a series of videos about that curriculum and ten percent affiliate committees when anybody you know potentially is exposed to that curriculum it says that would be valuable for me as well in my home school crazy right and so we always hear like do merely the big channels get brand deals and the good news is by no means like if we are only you know proved it of course the answer is no you only saw Kimberly a you merely saw Heather and I want you to see this article from Forbes that says micro influencers are actually going to be the brand-new influencers so eighty percent of people are likely to follow a microphone sirs recommendation which proves that you don’t need to rely on huge mega influencers to preach for your brand powerful stuff so we talked about you know three courses and here’s a power gratuity and if ever curious how do the full occasion you know lifestyle entrepreneurs the full time youtubers or the people who are generating passive income in their business how do they do it well they do it through what I like to call YouTube income stacking and that’s where what you do is sometimes these are small like perhaps YouTube ads not that much but when you stack it on affiliate marketing and then you stack it on label deals and then you stack it on many others and we’ve got resources about that that then you can start to get these multiple flows of income and what I’ve noticed smart influencers do is they stack different rivers of income to support themselves their family their mission and their message so current realities is cash flow is contributing to grow and so I hope that that education was valuable and actually if you want to check out the entire masterclass with all five strategies you can grab that for free for a limited time while the replay is contained in learn youtube today com question open day what is your biggest challenge right now with building your audience and your income on YouTube I would love to help out in future videos so definitely post in specific comments segment so thanks so much for checking out this video definitely subscribe for more videos just like this and if you know somebody who’s trying to build their influence with video could you share this video with them and if you do want to check out that masterclass the full 5 strategies you can get access to those at learn youtube today dot-com we’ll connect it up in the description and on the YouTube card as well until next time envisage media Tv is help you go further faster in media prevent crushing it and we will talk soon yeah II what do you think about these glasses my wife really really hates them

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