How to Build A List Fast

Never fails. Every month I get a question from someone and they ask, ” should I be building my email list or my social media profiles?” And you know what?

Here’s the answer:

If you’re not building your email list you are an idiot. How do I know this? I still want to hit my head against the wall for not building my email list sooner on every single one of my websites.

So let’s get into it.

I got two numbers for you three hundred and forty two hundred.

OK a few months ago when I updated my Twitter account and I sent the link to my Twitter followers I sent about three hundred clicks to my website, but when I shared that same link to a similar amount of email subscribers I sent forty two hundred clicks to my website.

Now I know you can’t spend clicks but those clicks are people the more people you get to your website the more money you can make. More people more clicks more money. Why does email outperform twitter by such a large margin, even though you are sending links to the same amount of people? Look at it like this. How many e-mails the people get per day? A hundred? How many Twitter updates do they get per day? Thousands? What’s more likely to be seen? One in a hundred or one in a thousand? Obviously one in a hundred. That said I know I’m talking about Twitter right but I’ve seen the same exact thing with Facebook and Google plus. If I send an update to my Facebook or Google+ following I find that it drastically under performs email as well. Now since email performs so much better than social media you would think building an email list is harder but in my experience that’s not the case.

As a matter of fact, I think building a social media following is harder than building an email list.

I’ll explain:

When I sent about a thousand clicks to an opt-in page about fifty percent of those people then went ahead and opted in to my email. So a thousand people fifty percent five hundred people became email subscribers. On a whole other twist of fate when I sent a thousand clicks to my Twitter page I didn’t even gain five hundred new followers. The Twitter page actually underperformed an email opt in page people were seemingly less likely to follow me on Twitter than they were to subscribe to my email.

Now this is strange because e-mail crushes social media. The question is how can you begin growing your email list? It turns out that people can start growing their lists today with these two simple strategies. Number one add opt-in forms to the right places on your website. Alright that’s it seriously just add opt-in forms to the right places. one of my readers Laura of followed my advice and where to place opt-in forms and here’s what happened she went from getting between five and eight email subscribers per day new email subscribers between five and eight email subscribers to twenty five to thirty eight email subscribers per day. That’s a huge increase. All by adding the email forms to the right places on her website. So where are the right places to add the email sign up forms? I’d add one to the top of your sidebar, one to the top of your pages and one in your about page and I’d even consider using a pop up.

Number two:

I’d eliminate clutter from your web design because I believe clutter is the Number one conversion killer on web designs. alright and I talked about this study before but to really drive this point home Sheena Iyengar did this famous jams study where she discovered that people when confronted with too many different decisions to make too many options they tend to walk away from that decision process and choose no options. So when you have a cluttered website and there’s too many things for people to click on, people often decide to click on nothing and leave your site never to return. And check it the same goes for email sign up forms, if there’s too much clutter on your website people are not going to sign up for your mailing list because they’re going to be overwhelmed with too many options. So are you building your email list as your main priority? If yes congratulations go ahead and leave a comment below  letting me know how it’s working for you.


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